• How Church Software Supports Pastors

    Church management software is usually used by administrators, but the range of tools and functionality provides support for pastors in their roles too. Here are some specific examples of how church software can help five different kinds of pastors. read more
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  • Event Registration: Looking Ahead to a Busy Fall!

    Summer break will wind down soon. If you work in church administration and leadership, you are likely well underway in planning the remainder of the church’s calendar year, and possibly all the way through next summer. Here are some general guidelines for fun and successful event calendar planning, and some suggestions about how Sunergo tools can help. read more
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  • 5 Ways to Refresh Your Church's Website This Summer

    Even with less rush and juggle, the summer season in the church office need not be boring! Updating and organizing your church’s website can be a refreshing exercise of your creativity that also helps you engage with your inner Marie Kondo. Does your contact page spark joy? Could it? read more
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  • Inspire Millennials and Gen Z with… Good Software?

    Throughout the history of the Church, using social trends and technological advancements has been a strategy to reach new people with the gospel. The youngest generations of every age are always more interested than the older people are in what’s new, so it makes sense to improve the technology your church uses if your goal is to attract younger generations in the digital age. read more
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  • Customize Set-Up for Unique Camps

    Summer is just around the corner–it’s time to get ready for camp! Whether you’re planning a kids’ camp, a family camp, or using your camp facilities to host other kinds of retreats, Sunergo’s customizable camp management software has the many administrative nuances covered.  read more
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  • Creating an Engaging Online Presence

    Our world, and the way we interact with each other in it, has undergone some significant changes in recent years. There has never been a better time to build a cohesive, engaging, and organized online presence for your church! There has also never been an easier time to do so. From the availability and affordability of user-friendly technologies, to wonderful tech-savvy people right in your own congregation, strengthening your church’s online engagement is an important item to add to your to-do list. Here are some helpful things to consider as you get started.  read more
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