• Saying Thanks to First-Time Givers

    It is a special moment, the first time someone offers a financial gift to your church. Thanking them for their gift creates reciprocity of relationship, and can be a good jumping-off point for getting to know that person and understanding what is important to them. read more
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  • Who Was Saint Valentine?

    Is February 14th just another superfluous commercial holiday, or is it a Christian celebration of love? We dug up the legendary history of the martyr Saint Valentine and some thoughts from some classic Christian authors on the subject of love. February is also the month that the CRA recommends charities issue giving receipts to donors, so scroll to the bottom of this post for some helpful tax-time resources from Sunergo. read more
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  • Data Storage and Security for Canadian Churches

    Did you know that if your church stores documents on cloud-based systems hosted on servers outside of Canada, it may pose challenges regarding data compliance for your church? These are not the sort of details that occur to most people who have a heart to serve in ministry. Typically, church employees and volunteer board members aren't experts in Canadian tax law. Nonetheless, the responsibility falls on us to ensure our church aligns with compliance standards. Rest assured, at Sunergo, we're here to support you throughout this process. read more
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  • Meaningful Christmas Traditions Across the Denominations

    Christians all around the world celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas in a multitude of ways. For the most part, traditions are shared across denominations, but we thought it would be fun to survey how some different Christmas activities reflect the characteristics of different faith groups. Our Christian family is a broad one, but we’re all united through the life of Christ. That’s something to celebrate! read more
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  • The Art of Online Giving as a Spiritual Practice

    One way to think about the internet is as a symbol of, and an extension of, our earthly and spiritual connectedness. Our connectedness is a fundamental aspect of our humanity, and of our faith.  Generosity makes sense when you consider that the glorious God who created us in his image is also social in nature. read more
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  • Ten Things That Blow Our Minds About Church Administrators

    Church administrators are the ultimate spiritual ride-or-die for those in ministry. We see you church admins, and we created a top-ten list of all the things we appreciate about you! read more
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