• To Do or Not to Do: In-Person Children’s Programs

    For churches who have decided that it is time to have in-person worship services again, one of the most important questions to ask next is whether they should also have in-person children’s programs. read more
    Categories: Child Protection, Planning
  • So You're Canadian, Eh?

    Fifteen years ago, women lived in Juicy velour tracksuits and Baby-G watches. Men sported bleached tips and cargo pants. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were reserved for “American Idol”. During commercial breaks, people might remember to check out the biggest social networking platform of the time—Myspace. Facebook was just a weird fad for college students to “poke” one another. A small video sharing website called “YouTube” was created. And Blockbuster was still alive and well. read more
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  • A Guide to Opening Church Doors Safely

    As restrictions are being lifted and we are implementing a phased approach to reopening up our communities, what could this look like for churches? read more
    Categories: Planning
  • How Do You Talk About Giving During a Pandemic?

    With churches no longer gathering in person, regular weekly giving has decreased. Even before COVID-19, 26% of surveyed protestant pastors said their churches had cash reserves for seven weeks or less. read more
    Categories: Giving
  • An Easter Like No Other

    We try to get some exercise while being trapped indoors, shouting to children to stop playing video games and to go easy on the toilet paper. We are constantly connected to the news cycle, an IV drip that feeds our need for information but leaves us exhausted and hollow. Anxiety is through the roof. read more
    Categories: Easter, Pastoral Care, Planning, Small Groups
  • A Guide to Quickly Set Up Online Church for this Sunday

    As the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives in ways we never expected, many churches are making the decision to suspend Sunday services and meetings. read more
    Categories: Giving, Pastoral Care, Planning, Small Groups