Are you ready for Easter?

Are you ready for visitors? As we approach Easter we approach one of the greatest opportunity we have to engage visitors is your church ready?

Before the Easter weekend here’s a few areas you might want to take a look at:

Is there anything around your property and building that needs a little TLC?

Is your signage clear and easily seen?

Do you have your child check-in procedures in place?

Are your volunteers up to speed with the information they need to welcome and direct visitors to your church?

Does your website have clear, accurate and easy to find information about your services? If you are part of a multi-church service, be sure this information is clearly advertised on your website.

Speaking of your website is your current site due for an update or at the very least do you need to update the information?

Don’t forget a follow up plan. Those who visit at Easter may only need a small nudge to come back and you don’t want to miss the opportunity. 

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