Summer is coming

Summer is coming

Summer is coming. Yes you read that right, summer is coming. Though we are still in the midst of winter, summer will be here in no time and with it will come summer programs, juggling schedules and resources all while shorthanded.

For those who use our Sunergo Church Tools, here are some tips to make summer go a little smoother:


Get as many dates nailed down and on the Calendar as possible. It can be really helpful to see everything on one calendar, including your major events and staff holidays.  You can also put in your milestones or delivery dates to help see where everything falls.

Summer kids programs

If you used Ministry Groups or Contact Categories to keep track of who volunteered last year, consider sending out a bulk mail as soon as you have the dates decided. By giving those who served last year to serve again lots of lead time can greatly aid those who need to book holidays or commit to other things throughout their summer

Small Groups

If you have all of your small groups entered into the Ministry Groups Tool you will be able to easily communicate with all of your leaders to find out what each group’s plans are for the summer. As many groups will stop meeting over the summer, knowing which ones are meeting and which ones aren’t can be key to helping you plug in new people over the summer. You many also create some summer only groups for those that wish to meet but their regular group is taking a break for the summer.


The summer slump is a problem faced by most churches when it comes to finances.  A great to way lessen the blow of the summer slump is to encourage your regular givers to sign up for Pre-Approved Debits or recurring Credit Card giving. This can help give you some stability throughout the year. With Sunergo Church Tools, recurring credit card giving can be set up easily with the Credit Card integration option. Pre-Approved Debits (PADs) need to be set up with the bank and can be easily entered in the giving tools by cloning the previous month’s PAD batch and simply making the necessary edits.

As always if you have any questions about your current Sunergo Solution or would like to inquire about signing up for a Sunergo Solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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