Doing This Simple Thing Can Make a Big Difference in Your Ministry

Your website is the first thing visitors see when they look up your church. When searching for a new place of worship, people will generally do an internet search in the area rather than driving around to look for one.  This fact is why you have a website. Regardless of how nice your building is, of how many people you have in your congregation, how much good you do for the community, their first impression is going to come from what your website looks like.

The worst possible thing a potential member of your church can find when looking at your website would be outdated information. Keeping information new, up to date, and relevant will show people that you are organized and attentive.

What’s on your homepage is also important. It’s a delicate balance between informing current members of various happenings and trying to reach out to visitors. Creating a video is a great way to both attract new people and to reinforce a sense of community to your own members. 

Here are other things you should consider:

  • Is your website clean and easy to navigate?
  • Are the menus clear and the information on them relevant to the heading they’re under?
  • What does your logo look like? Is it new or old? Is it crisp and pleasing to the eye? Do you think investing in a new logo would be beneficial to you? Your logo should convey the message you want to send at first glance.
  • What colour are you using as your background? Is it pleasing to the eye? Clean colours are great for the background. A nice simple white is always a classic look. Earth tones don’t work as well because they tend to blend in with the writing. Choose something bright and easy on the eyes to reduce strain and help people stay long enough to find all pertinent information they are looking for.

These little details keep both existing and potential members of your community informed and engaged in your church. Clean, nice to look at, easy to navigate—these are all things that everyone expects from a website. It may seem unimportant at first, but the little extra effort spent on updating your website will make a noticeable difference in your ministry.

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