The Latest in Sunergo Tools

We at Sunergo pride ourselves in creating tools that make your job as administrator simpler and less time-consuming. We are constantly coming up with new ways to do this by talking to clients and our staff members who have experience volunteering in their own churches. 

We’ve learned that there are two common requests: the ability for users to update their own personal information (thereby freeing up administrators to focus their time elsewhere) and a way to schedule volunteers.

We listened. We delivered. We are proud to bring you the latest in Sunergo tools.  We call it Sunergo Connect. Here is what you can do with it:

  • schedule volunteers for each ministry team
  • post messages to team members
  • share ministry specific resources
  • email team members
  • manage team membership lists
  • take attendance
  • update personal and family contact information
  • and more.

All this can be done from a device in the palm of your hand or at your home computer.

If you are interested in Sunergo Connect or any other products in the Sunergo lineup, please email

;or give us a call. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can also schedule a demo of any of our Sunergo services to see how we can help today!

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