A Must-Have for the New Year

A Must-Have for the New Year

It's official! We are launching our Sunergo Text to Give module on February 3rd!

In anticipation of the launch, please take some time to read how Text to Give would work for your church.

The way that donors prefer to give is continually evolving, and Text to Give is a quick, easy and secure alternative to donate to your church. Text to Give is integrated with our Sunergo Church tools so that donations are automatically recorded in your system, thereby eliminating the administrative work required to enter these gifts manually one at a time or from another system.

Each charity will get their very own, unique, local 10-digit number to receive the text donations. Once the phone number is set up, churches will enable the designation funds that they wish to have donors donate to (similar to online donations).  When you have completed those two steps, you can give out the number and begin accepting Text to Give donations.

When donors use Text to Give for the first time, they will need to either create a new account or link their phone number to an existing account.  The reason why donors must set up an account the first time they use Text to Give is so their credit card information can be securely saved for subsequent billing and also so the system can capture all the required information (full name, address) to issue official donation receipts for income tax purposes at the end of the year.   Associating a phone number to an account allows the system to determine who is credited the gift and to receipt the gift appropriately, based on CRA’s requirements.

Once a donor’s phone number is associated with an account, subsequent donations are a breeze.  Donors just need to text your church’s unique Text to Give number with the donation amount and the donation is automatically processed.   For a lot of people, texting is practically second nature. They may prefer it over navigating to a donation form, logging on and entering their donation amount.

Anyone with a cell phone/smartphone can use Text to Give. We have found that people in the older demographic may be more comfortable with texting than with navigating to a web form and submitting a donation on their phone.  Others who don’t want to navigate to a web form or who don’t have data or access to Wi-Fi on their smartphones have a convenient option of texting their donation instead. Text to Give gives donors another opportunity to donate quickly by removing barriers and providing simplicity to the donating process.

If someone attempts to give via Text to Give without a donor account, they will receive a text message with a link to your donation form that they can click on in order to give. We do this to encourage giving, even by those people who wish to give but may be new to your church or haven’t set up an account yet.

If Text to Give sounds right for you and your ministry, contact us at support@sunergo.net and we can get you set up with a local phone number.



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