Are You Maximizing the Full Potential of Sunergo Tools?

Are You Maximizing the Full Potential of Sunergo Tools?

Starting a new job, moving to a new house, graduating from high school, or beginning retirement—these are significant life events that some of the people in your church are experiencing right now. They would be appreciative of well-wishes and recognition. A follow-up phone call to someone who recently retired may prompt them to use their free time to volunteer with the church. Reaching out to a high school graduate before they begin a new life stage will reassure them during this anxious time and remind them of their continued place in your church.

So, with the busyness of everyday life, how can you keep track of all these important life events?

By using a feature that is already built into Sunergo’s existing tools.

As part of the child protection module, expiry dates are set up for events you have to input, such as criminal record checks. But this feature can serve you in other ways. For example, if someone at church loses a loved one, keeping in touch and lending a listening ear can help them during this traumatic time. To do so, you can add the passing away of a family member as a church life event and set an expiry date of three months. You will receive a notification three months from the time the loved one has passed to remind you to give the grieving person a call to provide continued support.

Setting the expiry date is a great reminder to follow up. Following up is just as important as the event itself. Recognizing certain events in people’s lives will keep them engaged in your church, prompting them to consider donating time and funds to your community. We hope the ideas listed in this blog will help you start using existing features in fresh and creative ways. Please let us know how you use Sunergo tools in ways that make your life easier.

To get expiry notification for church life events, please contact the Sunergo support desk at for more information on this and other features.

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