Entrusted with the most precious

Each week at churches across the country parents entrust their children to the care of children’s ministries of every shape and size. Parents happily drop off our children trusting that they are learning about God in a way that is fun and engaging for their age group. Parents also assume that their children are safe and secure which begs the question what are you doing to ensure this? Churches should have a solid child protection policy in place that lays out the requirements for working with children, how to control access to the area(s) children are in, take accurate attendance, etc. If you’re church does not have such a policy we highly recommend you seek counsel from your insurance broker or an organization such as the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).


Key to any child protection policy is being able to accurately record who is dropped off and when, and by whom, they are picked up. There is a myriad of choices for how to accomplish attendance from basic paper sign-in sheets to a variety of computerized check-in stations. Many churches utilize basic paper attendance which is simple implement but it can be difficult to maintain long term records. In today’s world of abuse claims and lawsuits your defence begins with proper implementation of policies and good record keeping.


Computerized check-in and attendance tracking done right can meet these important requirements. Check-in stations can be done in two ways, staffed or self-serve. Self-serve may seem easier and more efficient but staffed stations provide an important opportunity for personal connection. Staffed check-in stations also allow an added layer of security as there is someone ensuring the right person is checking in each child. Having a friendly face checking the children in and assisting visitors can go a long way to ensuring your system runs smoothly and people feel welcomed.


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