Is Your Receipting Process As Efficient As It Could Be?

Did you know that Sunergo offers you the ability to send electronic receipts?

It is simple to use. To receive an electronic receipt, the donor enters a valid email address in their Personal Information page. Then they set the receipt type to Electronic.

An electronic copy of the receipt will be sent as a download link to the donor’s personal email address. The donor simply has to click on the link and a PDF copy of the receipt will download onto their computer. 

Included in this email will be a message that can be customized by your organization to thank the donor.

You can see which donors have viewed the email and downloaded the receipt. You can also print out a hard copy for your records and resend the link.

E-receipting is included with your Sunergo Church Tools subscription.  If you choose to enable electronic receipting, you are in control of how these receipts are distributed: Sunergo can automatically set all adult records that have a personal email address to receive an electronic receipt or you can manage who will receive electronic receipts manually.

All other processes that you already know will remain the same—the method for entering gifts, posting batches, and creating physical receipts. Electronic receipting works seamlessly alongside the current system.

The receipting process automatically separates those who will receive electronic receipts from those who will receive physical receipts.

We strive to reduce the cost and effort it takes to distribute donation receipts. If you are interested in increased efficiency and more options for donors, click here to view a user document to help you get ready for electronic receipting. 

If you have any questions or would like to enable electronic receipting, please contact

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