6 Benefits of Using a Church Management Software

Seeing a church community grow and develop is exciting, but as the number of people and events increase, so does the need to keep track of everything. Staying on top of all the administration can be a challenge and possibly even a burden. Sunergo offers churches a management software so that you can spend less time on administration and more time with people.

Here are six benefits of using a church management software:

1. Streamline Administrative Tasks

By centralizing data, you can prevent lost records and cut down on time spent looking for information. Having a central place for all your group leaders and members to communicate, share documents, and schedule volunteers lightens the load of the office administrator. A good church management software can also optimize day-to-day, common tasks, reducing operational costs.

2. Foster Communication

With centralized data in a church management software, emails can easily be addressed to individuals, specific groups, or the entire congregation. Arranging rides, meals, or other event details can be quickly and efficiently accomplished. Members can also be kept in-the-loop for upcoming events.

3. Coordinate Children’s Ministry

A church management software can help you maintain up-to-date records for attendance, allergies, and parent contact information. For volunteers, it helps to keep track of volunteer screening with automated reminders. Member and visitor attendance and location for camps, retreats, or other events can also be easily tracked. A software can make check-in, check-out, and printing name tags for the children simple.

4. Event Management

Because you are able to manage and organize activities and events all in one place, the potential for booking conflicts between ministries is reduced. Staff and members can all access the church calendar to see upcoming and new events. Attendees can register easily with integrated event registration and payment portals. 

5. Easy Church Giving and Financial Reports

A church management software enables you to offer multiple ways for people to give securely, including online, by text, kiosk mode, and by cash, cheques, and debit. Contributions and giving are easily tracked and reports and receipts can be quickly generated. Centralized financial records with built-in accountability also reduces exposure to fraud.

6. Nurture Community

With a central membership directory, people can easily find contact information as well as note down life events such as birthdays, milestones, and major life events. Members can more readily connect with each other, and staff can access up-to-date information to make sure no one falls through the cracks. Having a software also creates space for the congregation to gather digitally and provides a platform for blogs and podcasts.

Selecting and implementing a new software will take time and effort, but the benefits will be experienced by your staff and your congregation for years to come.

At Sunergo, we’ve built a church management software specifically for Canadian churches. This includes meeting CRA’s requirements that data is stored on servers physically in Canada, donation receipting that follows CRA guidelines, and pricing our software in Canadian dollars. As a Canadian non-profit company, our team is based in Vancouver and always happy to help.

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