Renting Your Facility to Outside Groups

A church is such an important place in the life of a community. First and foremost, a church building is where people gather to worship God together, but it can also be a wonderful resource that can be used to deepen relationships within the church body, strengthen ties to the surrounding neighbourhood, and even help supplement the church’s income. If your church facilities sit empty for a portion of the week, consider the many benefits of renting the space. Sunergo church management software includes tools to manage facility rentals with ease and feature rental spaces right on your website

Even the most well-managed churches aren’t immune to experiencing occasional financial difficulties, and renting out facilities can ease the burden. Even in seasons when provision comes easily, rental fees can help offset the cost of facility improvements that the church can benefit from using, too. The benefits of renting your church’s spaces extend far beyond the financial. Making your space available to others can help integrate your church more thoroughly with the surrounding neighbourhood, and can expand your ministry reach.

Members of your church community also participate in clubs or professional associations that might require a rented meeting space. Extending hospitality to others through the use of their church’s facilities can make a person feel even more at home in their own church, thereby fostering a deeper sense of connection to their church community. Since many Canadians have never stepped inside of a church, making your church building available for non-religious purposes can help outsiders feel more comfortable and welcome.

Many churches are searching for ways to support marginalized groups, recognizing that Jesus made a point to welcome those rejected by society. Offering a safe space to meet is one way your church can be a healing presence in your community. Welcoming others into your building can build a bridge to their hearts. Providing a break on cost for groups with limited resources is another way the church can provide support. 

Sunergo church software makes it easy to manage facility-rental for your church. Anyone can view the available spaces right from the church website. Administrators can create and customize spaces by time, date, or season, and the built-in schedule helps avoid double-booking. The web-based booking and payment system includes options for additional fees for equipment rental, room set-up, cleaning, and other services. To get started renting your church, contact our team.

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