Customize Set-Up for Unique Camps

Summer is just around the corner–it’s time to get ready for camp! Whether you’re planning a kids’ camp, a family camp, or using your camp facilities to host other kinds of retreats, Sunergo’s customizable camp management software has the many administrative nuances covered. 

Camp Administrators feel the impact of their work deeply. When children spend time away from their families, they grow in independence and resilience. They develop a deeper understanding of their own identities in God, and of course, they have a ton of fun and create new friendships too!

For families that attend camp together, administrators can sense the palpable relief of parents who finally get some much-needed time to relax and have fun with their children. 

Families can build their faith, create core memories, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation together. Camp is also a wonderful opportunity for families with similar values and beliefs to connect.

Every camp has distinctive offerings, facilities, campers, and administrative needs. Let’s take a look at some differences in setting up children’s camps or family camps in Sunergo.

1. Accommodation management is one of the major differences between children's and family camp

Set up as many accommodations as you’d like in the Sunergo camp management system. Then, decide on a per-camp basis which ones to make available. For children’s camps, you can create a list of unassigned campers that is sorted by birth date, gender, and friend requests to simplify your job of making cabin assignments that make the most sense.

For family camps, you can set up multiple accommodation types with different costs assigned to each one. Family pricing can be further adjusted by camper ages, by an optional maximum family price, and by discount codes. 

Both types of camp allow families to add a donation during the registration process if they wish to provide the camp with additional support. These special gifts are processed and receipted along with the registration fees through the online donation system.

2. Send bulk emails out and receive personalized emails in.

Our bulk email editor allows you to filter your email lists by campers, staff, and donors, and further sort by camp, age, year attended, registration status, or payment status. This allows you to send messages and reminders to specific groups. 

A popular feature available within the children’s camp set-up is that parents are assigned a special access code that allows them to email messages of love and support directly to their campers. Kids love receiving messages from home while they’re at camp, and these notes can be especially reassuring on a camper’s first experience away from home.


3. The Skill Block Placement Engine is a special feature for children’s camps. 

This tool saves organizers endless hours of complicated manual work, sorting kids into optional skill blocks such as zip-lining, archery, ropes courses, waterskiing, horseback riding, and arts and crafts. The engine allows for children to be sorted for placements by age, if needed.

Administrators can set up additional charges for these items at registration, or not. Our powerful set of reports identify a list of children in each skill block or other camp add-on at any time.

In Sunergo, the family camp settings can be used to create a variety of Adult Retreats as well. Men’s and women’s groups, churches, teams, and creative retreats can all be set up using Sunergo camp management software.

The phenomenal combination of relaxation, spiritual growth, and enjoyment offered by summer camps can’t be beat, and can impact people positively for the rest of their lives. The more streamlined and organized the multitude of camp details are for administrators, the more enjoyable camp is for everyone involved! We’d be happy to show you the possibilities. Schedule a free demo of our camp tools anytime!

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