Event Registration: Looking Ahead to a Busy Fall!

Summer break will wind down soon. Some of us are already beginning to anticipate the return to a more structured schedule that fall brings. 

If you work in church administration and leadership, you are likely well underway in planning the remainder of the church’s calendar year, and possibly all the way through the academic year which stretches from now until next summer. 

Especially for churches that have a lot of families, the fall can be an exciting and optimistic time that carries that new-year feeling of a fresh start. People anticipate new patterns and expect to experience personal growth, making it an ideal time to launch new ministries or to invite new people to engage in well-established ministries. 

Here are some general guidelines for fun and successful event calendar planning, and some suggestions for how Sunergo tools can help.

Fall Planning Tips

Before any planning exercise, take time to prayerfully review your church’s mission, values, goals and priorities, as guidance.

While planning your ministry and events calendar, take into consideration events that will be happening in the community around you. Festivals, sporting events, heritage celebrations, and even events put on by other churches in the area, can impact attendance expectations for your church events. 

Consider some of the challenges that people in your community are facing. How can the church address common needs through the ministry calendar?

Make sure different ministries communicate, coordinate, and cooperate with each other during the planning stages to make the year ahead go smoothly for everyone involved. 

Make it fun! Print out blank months and lay out the whole year on the wall. Bring out the sticky notes, coloured pens, and highlighters. Once the team is happy with the plan, you can transfer everything to your digital calendar and start creating event registration pages as needed.

Having your full calendar planned, and the details clearly communicated well ahead of time helps the members of your congregation plan their lives and commit to participating or volunteering sooner. 

Sunergo Event Registration Overview

Sunergo’s event registration tool for everything from a one-time celebration to a multi-day conference, to an ongoing course or ministry. It is easy-to-use and allows you to customize events with different session options, early bird rates, discount codes, number of spots available, and custom attendee questions. 

You can use the Sunergo Event Registration Software separately from other Sunergo tools. But if your church uses this tool in addition to having a Sunergo Website, you can access both tools through a single login, and event registration pages will match the branding on your website! (Contact our support team to find out how Sunergo tools work together.)

Tips for Using Sunergo

It is a good idea to have all of your ministries, events, and meetings visible on your church’s central calendar. If you have a Sunergo website, you can have the full calendar prominently displayed where everyone can easily find it. 

You can set up unlimited single events, recurring events, and conferences with multiple venues and sessions. 

Create free events and paid events. Add and manage discount codes, and accept and track payments right in Sunergo.

You can add questionnaires to registrations in order to get more information from your attendees, such as lunch choices, personal information, or the number of attendees if you allow group registrations. You can include text answers, checkboxes, and drop-down menus. You can mark responses as required or not, and you can have the system automatically send form responses to event planners. 

Curious whether Sunergo will handle the specific needs of your events and conferences? Reach out to our support team. We’d love to answer your questions or provide a demo of our tools.

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