Ten Things That Blow Our Minds About Church Administrators

There is so much variation in the job duties of church administrators! Usually, they operate in a combination of roles such as office manager, executive assistant, event planner, volunteer coordinator, human resource generalist, communication specialist, and bookkeeper. 

Additionally, church admins have to be technologically savvy so that they can learn and utilize ever-evolving tools in support of the church’s ministry. Be it the old office photocopier, VOIP phone systems, accounting applications, church management software, and website tools, apps and social media platforms, church admins jump in, start learning, and make the most of the tools they’ve been given. 

They navigate with grace the joys and challenges of working within their church community (deeper friendships but blurred personal-professional boundaries; prayer support with a side of judgement; tons of fun with an ever-present risk of burnout.) And, as with church staff in every position, church admins manage all of this while receiving lower pay than they would in an equivalent position out in the secular workforce.

Basically, church administrators are saints. We see you, church admins, and we honour the good work that you do in our communities. 

Let's count down our 10 favourite things about church administrators! 


They embody the ‘other duties as needed’ job description.


They have librarian-level record keeping abilities. (Did you know being a librarian requires a master’s degree?)


They manage the balance of being public-facing and open to scrutiny, while also being unsung wallflowers.


Managing volunteers can be a challenge at times. But church admins know that teamwork makes the dream work!


They exercise hospitality with the appropriate demeanour for every event from weddings, to VBS, to board meetings, to fundraisers, to funerals. 


Communication, communication, communication! Church admins keep everyone connected and in the know.


They have rock-solid integrity and trustworthiness.


They brush shoulders with leaders and deal directly with those in need, and they regard everyone with love and dignity, just like Jesus.


They’re the ultimate spiritual ride-or-die for those in ministry.


At their core, church administrators pour out their lives in love and service every single day. As per Jesus’ instructions, they love God, and they love people. 


For all these reasons and more, we at Sunergo love church administrators, which is why we exist to be their helping hand. Thank you for everything you do for us, church administrators!

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