Keep Your Children's Ministry Going Strong

Between the lingering effects of the winter blahs, and the bulk of the school year having passed, the excitement surrounding your children’s programs may be fading, too. While we wait for sunny summer days and unstructured play to refresh children and leaders alike, try these ideas to keep your kids’ ministry from languishing at year’s end.

Prevent Burnout: Lean Into Routine

  • No need to reinvent the wheel for the sake of livening things up. Kids and adults alike are tired. Rely on routines you’ve built together to carry the momentum forward to the end of the year.

  • Build fun in simple and easy ways on top of the foundation of the existing team structure and schedules.

  • Discuss burnout with your leaders. Show appreciation to individuals, and encourage the team with recognition before the wider church body.

Two boys playing outside in the sun with a colourful water table

Keep Kids Engaged: Freshen Things Up

  • Take the kids outside! Draw attention to signs of new growth in nature.

  • Start talking about the summer, and look forward with hope.

  • Try outdoor games that will get them moving in the fresh air.

  • Refresh indoor rooms with a little spring cleaning: Discard worn-out toys, broken crayons and depleted markers. Clean winter’s build-up from the widows so they sparkle in the light.

  • Adjust the decor: Put away lingering decorations or props related to fall and winter. Bring blossoms inside.

  • Get into a rhythm by learning a new song with actions or a dance.

  • Keep things light by focusing on cheerful lessons.

  • Try a collective art project that will memorably conclude the year.

A line of colourful crayons standing up on end on a desk


Trust God With The Seasons

  • God created people as part of a seasonal creation. As with other creatures our bodies were designed to respond to a changing environment. Give yourself, your team, and the children grace about fluctuating energy levels throughout the year.

  • When reflecting on your ministry work, remember patterns of sowing and reaping, trusting God-designed cycles of labour, rest, tending, and enjoyment.

  • Remember that all life comes from the mystery of God. Serve faithfully in the ways you are called, and believe God to bring about growth in the kids, in your team members, and in yourself. 

A happy toddler outdoors wearing a blue shirt and a pink hat

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